Turkey supports over 10,000 students in Bangladesh


Turkey supports has lent a helping hand to at least 10,000 students — including orphans — in Bangladesh to get a religious education.

The Istanbul-based Umut Kervanı (Caravan of Hope) humanitarian foundation provided over 1,000 copies of the holy Quran to Bangladeshi and refugee Rohingya students in southern Barguna and Cox’s Bazar who are getting a religious education, along with science and technology classes, at seminaries.

Hafiz Muhammed Atiqullah of Jannatul Banat Balika Dakhil seminary — where 500 students, including 120 schoolgirls, get an education — told Anadolu Agency that they want to provide children with a knowledge of both Islam and science.

“I would like to thank the Turkish people who helped us to build a better country and future,” Atiqullah said.

Faisal Mahfuz, a 12-year-old student, said he goes to seminary to learn the holy Quran, adding that he is passionate about reading and listening to the holy Muslim book.

Muhammed Nurullah Gunaydin, head of the Umut Kervani foundation, said that they will continue the distribution of holy Qurans in the region.

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