Saudi Arabia continues to deport scores of Rohingya to Bangladesh


Video footage sent to MEE shows Rohingya in a Jeddah detention centre being handcuffed, lined up and prepared for removal to Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia is continuing to deport scores of stateless Rohingya – held indefinitely by the kingdom – to Bangladesh, where they will become refugees, according to video footage sent to Middle East Eye.

The videos show Rohingya, some having spent nearly five to six years in Saudi detention, being prepared on Sunday for deportation at the Shumaisi detention centre in Jeddah.

Rohingya In saudia

One of the videos sent to MEE shows a Rohingya detainee sitting down, filming secretly, as dozens of Rohingya are lined up to be processed for removal in Shumaisi.

Some Rohingya were also put in handcuffs after they attempted to resist their deportation to Bangladesh, according to voice notes sent to MEE.


The man in the video, who is speaking Rohingya, said: “I’ve been here for the last five to six years, now they are sending me to Bangladesh. Please pray for me.”

Another recording sent to MEE recounted the events that led up to Sunday’s forcible removal of the Rohingya.

“They came to our cells in the middle of the night at 12pm, telling us to pack our bags and get ready for Bangladesh,” a Rohingya detainee, who wished to remain anonymous, told MEE.

“Now I am in handcuffs and being taken to a country I’m not from – I am Rohingya, not Bangladeshi.”

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