Myanmar authority’s sudden collection of family list threatens Rohingya IDP Camp


Administrator of Sittwe township, Immigration Chief of Sittwe township, some immigration officers, and about 100 Police Security Forces came to Basars (San Pya) Rohingya IDP camp, Sittwe, Arakan and surrounded the whole camp on January 7, 2019 at around 8:00 AM.

They went door to of the tents and asked for family list of IDPs (official paper of family list that’s registered by authorities).

IDPs said that they lost their family list during the violence that took place in Sittwe in 2012. Then IDPs were asked by authorities to bring their ration cards.

Rohingya IDP Camp

When IDPs brought their ration cards, authority started filling the names of the family members in a blank paper that was brought by immigration (new family member list), written ethnic name as “Bengali”.

Every family was asked to come with all family members and then taken family photos by authorities. Those who were not there at that moment were not registered in their family list.

They collected total 160 families like this on 7.1.2019. Then the authorities left at 5:00 pm.

They also said that they would continue the process till the end of collection of 960 families of the San Pya IDP camps.

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