Maungdaw Township administrator threatens Rohingya accusing in having link with AA rebels


Maungdaw Township administrator threatened the innocent Rohingya residents of Maungdaw accusing that they (Rohingya) have link with Arakan Army which is fighting with Myanmar Tatmadaw now.

According to our correspondent reports, Maungdaw Township administrator convened a meeting with the Rohingya residents where the administrator has threatened them the (Rohingya residents) without any proof of having link with the Arakan Army.


On January 4, 2019, the Arakan Army (AA) rebels attacked four Border Guard Police (BGP) outposts in northern Maungdaw. Just after the assault on BGP outposts, the Maungdaw Township administrator called a meeting with the Rohingya residents and threatened them (Rohingya residents) claiming that AA rebels attacked the BGP outposts jointly with you, the ‘Bengali’.

“You will fall in danger if you don’t inform us about the militants in Maungdaw” the administrator threatened the Rohingya people who attended the meeting held on January 4.

He also told the meeting audiences to convey the message to the villagers after reaching their homes.

He further threatened the Rohingya people that the situation will be rougher than the crackdown of Myanmar security forces conducted on Rohingya on August 2017 if any link with Arakan Army is found or proved.

Now we are in terror because the Myanmar security forces might conduct genocide as in 2017 accusing us in false allegation of having link with Arakan Army (AA), says a Rohingya resident from Maungdaw on condition of anonymity.

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