Maungdaw: Burmese Armed Forces Besieges, Raids & Arrests Rohingya


Maungdaw: Burmese forces jointly raided and arrested an innocent Rohingya from a village and raided another village of Maungdaw Township yesterday (8th January 2019), reports a villager.

Burmese armed forces raided Prali Prang village and raided each and every Rohingya household by illegally accusing them of being connected with rebels in the region.

Maungdaw Arrests Rohingya

Earlier from Monninfara village of Maungdaw Township an innocent Rohingya was arrested arbitrarily. On the same day the village was besieged and raided as well.

The arrested victim was identified to be Muhammed Alam from the same besieged village.

Burmese joint forces such Sa Ra Pha, Military and Border Guard Police (BGP) were seen in the besiege.

Reports of raids and arbitrary interrogation were also reported from other villages of both Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township, where remaining Rohingya are under tremendous pressure.

Arbitrary besieges, raids and arrests have further bottled up the life of the remaining Rohingya and are struggling just to have a peaceful life in their own ancestral land.

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