Rohingya and Myanmar security forces guilty of genocide, UN says



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Burmese Rohingya minority living in the country to commit genocide (Genocide), on charges that security forces might be guilty of top-level UN human rights said Thursday. Bangladesh to ensure the refugees are sent back to their homes between Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to live, but the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar have also said.

Study without the monitors claimed the region last August after one escaped from one of the Rohingya 626000 would not accept the government’s refugee repatriation program to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said.

The representative of the United Nations Human Rights Council ထင်လင်း government 2 months to ensure the repatriation of refugees, Bangladesh Bangladesh negotiations are being carried out, We would not recommend the camp say.

Bengal through Bangladesh in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council called a special meeting of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said. Still argue that the SEC against Rohingyas curriculum တန်းဝင် refer cleaner cleaning (Ethnic Cleansing) ကိစ္စဖြစ်တယ်လို့ shown.

“According to the firm reports argue that the Rohingyas against human Aung San harsh actions. Among people off and burning them alive showing. All adults and children showing. I ran into a crowd guns opened fire indiscriminately. Women and girls to rape. houses, schools, Price, Mosque schools were burned down, “he said the reported incident.

“… people are still killing does not have symptoms (Genocide) Who can say,” involved 47 member countries questioned speaking at the meeting.

Investigate these criminals, it is required to support a mechanism that would make guidelines through the Human Rights Council urged to be submitted to the UN General Assembly.

The perpetrators of violence against the Rohingya, Of rape cases committed by government security forces, The problem is rarely punished civilians he said.

The country led the fact-finding process, said Marzuki Darusman, will identify where a witness ” In 2011, work began to discover what happened overall direction, “he said via video.

He relies on the Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh has already contacted the Rohingya refugees, including children refugees got too rough passes affected by the violence, Refugees picked up signs of violent တွေ့မြင်နေရတယ်လို့.

Visiting Rakhine State investigators were not authorized by the government, but should aim to be signed in early 2018 proved to be expected, he said.

“I feel good about doing insulting terrible sexual violence and rape between riot. These are religious, They are based on racial hatred in my mind Cold Blood, “the UN Secretary General’s Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Sexual Pramila Patten said after interviews with escapees.

This offense “rape me, Soldiers collective rape me, We have to show off naked in front of people, Are confounded, Army sex slaves involves broad arrest, “Patten said.

Governments have murdered and properly denied the Rohingya. I think that is representative ထင်လင်း “People are on their ပြောချင်တာပြော Sometimes I have to say to me, “he said.

‘Citizen of the genocide (Genocide) tribal, Either tribal or religious group, Partial means to destroy either purposeful action to open the United Nations’ definition. United Nations agreement to stop this genocide actions of countries that would prohibit responsibility Responsibility, the perpetrators will be punished.

Reuters described in news “Myanmar forces may be guilty of genocide against Rohingya, U.N. says “have been adapted from O’Laie Manzu.


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