Destruction of Rohingya villages continues: Human Rights Watch

Myanmar Rohingya

Satellite images show villages burned after Myanmar and Bangladesh signed safe return agreement

Satellite imaging shows that Myanmar’s Rohingya village is also being destroyed, including Myanmar and Bangladesh signed a contract last month when refugees of ethnic Muslim minorities disappeared from returning to homeland.

The New York-based right group has destroyed buildings in 40 villages in the North-East state in October and November, which has completely partially destroyed in 254 to 254 villages.

More than 630,000 Rohangia has run from Myanmar to Bangladesh in August 25, when Myanmar’s army launched a “clearance operation” after the attack on a police station by a group of Rohingya rebels. Refugees in Bangladesh said their homes were burnt by soldiers and Buddhists, and some security forces shot.

At the end of November, Myanmar and Bangladesh covered the return of Rohingya, who had signed a contract to escape violence in Rakhna in its mutual border.

Human Rights Watch said in a statement, “The satellite image has been confirmed that many buildings have been burnt in the same week.”

Myanmar Rohingya

“The Burmese army’s destruction of Rohingya villages within days of signing a refugee repatriation agreement with Bangladesh shows that commitments to safe returns were just a public relations stunt,” said Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch’s Asia director. “The satellite imagery shows what the Burmese army denies: that Rohingya villages continue to be destroyed. Burmese government pledges to ensure the safety of returning Rohingya cannot be taken seriously.”

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma.

Myanmar’s government spokesman Zhawei said, “I can not comment yet yet because it has not yet seen the statement on satellite images.”
“There was no hurry in the homes of a village in October and November,” said Sunnin, the North-Rhin border guard police officer, according to the phone.
In September, Myanmar’s government has destroyed 6,800 houses in the wave of violence, but almost 200 people of almost Rohingya villagers are.


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