Burmese Immigration Detained a Guiltless Rohingya

BGP in Rohingya Village

Accidental Fire Broke out in Leda Makeshift Rohingya Camp

Accidental Fire Broke out in Leda Makeshift Camp


By Rvision

Leda, Cox’s Bazaar: An accidental fire broke out in an area known as Abista in Leda old makeshift Rohingya camp of Cox’s Bazaar on 13th December 2017, reports eyewitness.

At around 8 PM in main market area and in the area of rations stocks of World Food Program (WFP) and other NGO’s were heavily engulfed by the fire, burning heavily within 30 minutes before fire brigade managed to reach.

After a few hours of struggling fire brigade along with the support of the locals managed to extinguish the fire. But according to locals “Fire burnt the ration stocks completely and we fear that it will increase the starvation level in the area rapidly as people just rely on those”.

Locals explains the cause of fire from a damaged electric circuit but exact cause of the fire is yet unknown. Moreover property casualties of both market and ration stocks are still unrevealed because of the ongoing panic among the locals.

Maungdaw: Burmese Immigration arrested a guiltless Rohingya in their illegal checks on Rohingya villages in Maungdaw Township on 12th December 2017 reports victims.

Since early morning Immigration department along with Military, Police and Border Guard Police (BGP) arrived in Burashiddafara (Oo Kya Kar) village and initiated illegal checks on Rohingya houses. In their illegal activity on baseless allegations they arrested a Rohingya Named to Robi Alam S/O Kuilla Mia, 32.

Immediately after his arrest his parents begged the Authorities and pleaded to free their innocent son. But Brutal Authorities did not care and mercilessly took him to the military camp in Nappura (Nga Ku ra) village.

According to villagers he was an honest man and local people elected him to be the new village admin. But the ex-village administrator is a sycophant who falsely claimed Rabi Alam to be a member of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Following this false claim authorities got a ready made chance to arrest him, for which they are set free by the government. Arresting Rohingyas on daily basis are freaking out the lives of the innocent Rohingyas whom are trapped in inhumane life style created by the Government forces.

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